Basic Women Golf Clubs

A set of golf clubs could be designed differently to fit with male, female, juniors or seniors. In this article, we will discuss basic golf club set for women.

The basic club set specializing for women will consist of 14 clubs; among them, there are three woods, seven irons, two wedges, and a putter. Most women golfers would like to create a personalized variety based on their height, ability, and their style of play golf. Therefore, besides the traditional woods and irons, hybrid clubs may also be a good choice for a women’s golf set.



Wood clubs are used to make long shots. They are lighter than irons. This implies that the former is easy to swing and provides more power. Since women are generally smaller than men, they often have a slower swing speed, and so they may prefer woods for faster swings and further distances. The ideal driver allows the golfer to hit the ball as straight and long as possible. Women with a swing speed of 60 miles per hour or lower should include 5-,,7-,, and 9- woods in their sets.


The iron is the club that could be used to propel the ball toward the hole. If the ball is about 200 yards from the green, golfer usually select irons to hit the ball. The closer to the green the ball is, the higher iron you would select. Women golf players should choose a 6- or 7- iron as their longest irons since these are lightweight, easy to control, and have a high loft. Women will have trouble in the weight of Iron. However, they can use the best golf rangefinder to know how to adjust the right angle for every Iron’s shot


Women golf players should consider 3 kind of wedge: pitching wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge. If the ball is close to the green, it is more likely that golfer will select the pitching wedge. This kind of wedge should have 4 degrees more loft than the 9-iron. The pitching wedge usually has about 45 degrees of loft. The sand wedge has a slight bounce on the sole, which will help you get the ball out of sand traps. This wedge should have at least 56 degrees of loft. Women golf players may also consider a lob wedge. This kind of wedge has about 60 degrees of loft and does not give as much distance as the pitching wedge.


Hybrid clubs have offered many advantages to golfers, especially women. In a golf club set, women golf players usually choose hybrid clubs to replace long irons or one or more woods. Hybrid clubs have a high degree of loft and are easy to swing. Hybrids are lightweight and could help women golfers to have the ideal loft on every shot. Hybrid is also a typical golf club in the best golf rangefinder brand’s database such as Bushnell or Leupold. Therefore, if you own these golf rangefinder product, you can get used to this club faster.

Above are basic things about a golf club set for women. I hope that this article will help you select the right golf clubs into your club set.

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