Cleaning Your House – Where You Often Forget

Cleaning your house is extremely important. Not only It improves the quality of your life, it makes you feel better in so many ways. Speaking of cleaning, it’s not only about vacuuming and mopping the floor. Cleaning your house is about cleaning your furniture and stuff also. There are certain places that get dirty quicker than others. These places deserve special treatment. Here are what you should add to the top of your cleaning list.


1.   Start with the walls and the ceiling

The walls are always there but they often receive less care than the floor. You should understand that most of the dust on your floor is dropped from the walls and the ceiling. So, you should always start with these parts. You don’t want dust on the wall to drop down when you are mopping the floor. If you can’t remember when was the last time these places receive proper care, it’s time to clean them.

Put on glasses to prevent dust from falling into your eyes. Clear off spider webs, insect nests and the areas around the light bulbs. Dust is more likely to accumulate around those areas.

2.   The outside of the windows

A lot of people tend to ignore these places. It’s quite difficult to clean the outer parts of your window but there are tools to do so in the supermarket. You will definitely feel better once you have done this. Having clean windows is like having a better vision. You would feel better as it releases you from anxiety.

3.   Your cupboards/ closet

Although these places are less likely to be exposed to dust, you still need to clean them once in a while. You don’t want these places to be infested with bugs and insects. Dark and cool places are ideal for the small thingies. The trick is to put a bar of soap into your closet and cupboard. Your clothes and your stuff will smell a lot better.

4.   Clean the of the kitchen appliances

Your kitchen is one of the places with the most germs. Besides from just washing the tools after eating, you need to clean these appliances once a month or a few weeks. You can easily drop some sauce, food, milk, beer on those things. If you don’t notice, they will dry out and leave a lot of unpleasant smell. Also, they affect the quality of other food.

The surface of the kitchen and the stove should be cleaned immediately after cooking. Take a look inside your microwave or oven. Most of the stains are on the ceiling. This is because of the heat evaporating doesn’t totally escape. Steam it by putting a bowl of water inside and turn your microwave or oven on high heat. This will help to soften the stains, making them easier to be removed.

Your refrigerator and kegerator should also be cleaned regularly. The worse problem with these things is the odor. Use a mixture of warm water and soda to clean them. The best kegerator is a clean kegerator and so is your fridge. You don’t want your favorite food or beer to be mixed with all kind of different smells.

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