Everything You Need To Know About Golf Clothing

Golf is a sport that has many typical rules in clothes. And of course, any golfers must follow strictly these rules not only on the Golf course but also outside the golf course. In some cases, you should identify about occasion and players to have a suitable clothes. For example, you could wear pull and short to play with your friends at weekend. But it would be not polite when you play with your business partners or when you participate in some golf competitions in this kind of clothes. Thus, you need to wear something more polite and formal. Suitable clothes are considered as the best way to express your golf style or your respect to the others and this sport as well. You could refer more detail information on golf clothing below:

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Commonly, golfers prefer wearing shirts on the golf course. In summer, you should wear clothes made of net material so that it would help you to sweat better. In winter, the collared shirts are highly accepted. You could choose short sleeves or long sleeves depending on your need. You could wear a windbreaker or water-resistant jacket, as long as with a golf shirt inside.


golf gloves are always useful for almost situation in a golf game. If you play in the winter season, the gloves will keep your hand warm. It also help you take golf device easier such best golf rangefinder or golf GPS watch.


Pants are diversified for your choices. You could wear shorts, but they are must be sport shorts (not higher than the knee around 6 inches). As well as some golferswould like to usekhakis pants or specialized golf pants. You should mix and match short pants or shorts with elegant colors and belts as well.For female golfers, they could also wear skirt or skorts(a combination of shorts on the inside and a skirt on the outside) but not too short. It would help them have flexible movement on thegolf course.Other different kinds of pants such as jeans,

sleeping pants, walking pants, etc are not accepted on the golf course.


Bag is also a great accessories to store everything related to golf from golf club to best golf rangefinder.


There are many kinds of golf shoes for your choices, but they must be guaranteed about quality and have soft nails at the bottom of shoes. The main reason is that they would protect you from foot injury and grass from golfer walking. You should not wear other sport shoes or some normal shoes when playing golf. For example, football shoes, tennis shoes, shoes with stiff sole, metal nails, flip flops or sandals would be not accepted when playing golf. Shoe color is also a concern of many golfers. The common color is white because it would be easy to mix and match with shoes, socks and hats. Otherwise, black socks would be effective if you would like to make strong impression to other. In fact, there are not clear rules to wear sock on the course. Thus, just wear your favorite color sock and make sure that it would go well with your golf clothing.

Hat and sunglass

Hat and sunglass are necessary accessories that are both practical and fashionable.  Whether it may be a golf cap, a baseball cap or a wide hat, it would make your outfit more and more eye-catching and protect you from sun shine. Baseball caps and hats are highly accepted on the golf course.

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