Popular Bushnell Rangfinders Review Part 3

Bushnell is well-known in the Golf rangefinder’s manufacturing industry. The brand has produced lots of wonderful and popular devices which are used by many golfers in the world, even they are a professional or an amateur. Recently, Bushnell has just added a new unit to their award winning line of the best golf rangefinders that have been loved by generations of pro and novice golfers for years. Introducing the Tour V3 Patriot Pack Golf Rangefinder, the latest in golfing technology.


Like most rangefinders, the Tour V3 is very lightweight. It weighs a mere 6.6 ounces and can fit in the palm of the hand easily enough without slipping. It offers 5x magnification max which means that you can easily see 5 to 1000 yards easily when you peer through it. The Pinseeker embedded in the device gives off an invisible infrared light or a pulse which is completely safe for the eyes. One of the main reason leading the Tour V3 to the best golf rangefinder is the ASIC chip or Application Specific Integrated Circuit which is designed to offer accurate measurements. When mentioned about Bushnell brand, you cannot skip The JOLT technology which makes the calculation of the course become better and more exact than ever.

Using the Tour V3 Patriot Pack rangefinder is easy enough. When you are looking through the eyepiece, all you have to do is press the Power or Fire button one time. This will fire up the LCD display. Then press the power button down until you get a reading on the bottom of the display. The longest the laser can be fired is 10 seconds. In order to reactivate it or re-fire the lasers, press the power button again. You can also change between yards and meters easily, switch the Y indicator on the LCD display into the M indicator. Additionally, each time the Tour V3 is turned on, it will automatically revert to the last unit of measurement.

Buying a Tour V3 is definitely the best option if you want to perform the best on the course. There’s a small tip when using this wonderful golf gear. To maximize your chances of success each time you use this, make sure to move the rangefinder slowly from one object to the next. Also, force the laser to do your bidding by making it hit a number of objects at a time. This will ensure that only the objects that are closest to the subjects are being displayed on the screen. Purchase a Tour V3 now and enjoy your golfing day!

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