How To Protect Your Golf Rangefinder?

Best golf rangefinder is carried along side with you the whole time. There are a lot of bad things that can happen when you are playing a sport as your body would be making sudden movements all the time. Your rangefinder is an electronic device and it is not very durable. It may still be ok if you drop it the first time, but if things like that continue, it will not be able to last so long. So here are some ways to keep your rangefinder in a good shape


Stash it away

You need both of your arms to swing your club so you can’t be holding your rangefinder all the time. For that reason, it is best to put your rangefinder in the club bag or in your hips bag. That way, you don’t have to worry that you will leave it somewhere without remembering and lose it. Also, stashing your rangefinder in such place will limit the impacts to your rangefinder.

Just make sure that you would be gentle whenever you take it out and put it back in. The zipper of your golf bag or hip bag can damage the surface of your rangefinder. You can either buy a bag that is big enough to contain your rangefinder or buy a rangefinder that is small enough to fit in the bag.

Buy a rubber or fabric cover

You would be provided with a small cover bag when you buy your rangefinder but it actually takes more time since you have to take it in and out of the bag. Therefore, you can buy a customized fabric or plastic cover that is able to wrap around your rangefinder snuggly. That cover would prevent your rangefinder from getting damaged and keep your rangefinder new.

Limit the usage

Your rangefinder is less likely to be dropped if you don’t use it often. You don’t really have to take it out all the time whenever you are preparing for a shot. Even the best rangefinder can’t help you when you are playing on the green as all you need is skills and precision.

Put the string on your hand

Just like cameras, best golf rangefinder should have a string so that you can slip your hand into that string while using it. Your hand can be shaky and sweaty after a long session and you don’t want to drop your rangefinder. That string may seem to be useless but it is really worth your peace of mind. Do not be lazy, slip your hand into it only takes less than one second but it can save the life of your rangefinder. Similar to when you put on a seat belt.

Weather resistant

Instead of finding ways to protect your rangefinder, why don’t you invest some more money to buy a rangefinder that is already well-protected? Although you would have to pay more money, you are guaranteed with the good quality of your rangefinder. The best golf rangefinders on the market not only have many functions but they are also waterproof and an anti-shock cover.

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