Top 3 Best Golf Laser Rangefinders Part 2

In the previous part, the Laser Link Golf RH2 was introduced as one of the best golf rangefinders in the industry. But there are still two more excellent golf rangefinders that every golfer who has just fallen in love with laser-operated type needs to know. Let’s take a look at them and find out why they are so special and win the heart of many golfers, even amateurs or professionals.

Bushnell Tour V3


Bushnell is the most well-known brand manufacturing top best golf rangefinders in the industry. Tour V3 featuring PinSeeker JOLT technology will be your irreplaceable device to measure perfectly accurate distances without the use of any reflectors or prisms. You will be no longer afraid of measuring wrong distances even one number after the dot. Since its features are very powerful in making an accurate calculation, there is a little to no chance of small error (+/- 1 yard) when measuring ranges from up to 300 yards for a total maximum effective range of up to 1000 yards. The Bushnell Tour V3 also has another advantage: It can be used in any kinds of weather, even extreme one. Rubber armored design provides rainproof construction and a stable grip for maximum performance.

However, this gadget only comes with a 1 3V battery and is purchased in the USA. You have to order online if you do not live in America. It takes a longer time to start your course with the best golf rangefinder like the tour V3. This device also includes 2-year manufacturer warranty if purchased new.

Over 90% of golf players choose Bushnell products. They just can’t be wrong.

Breaking 80


The Breaking 80 is a special choice for many golfers, especially women, because of its modern design. Available in four colors (red, black, orange and white), this rangefinder has way more to offer than just a cute style as many people think. It’s PinSensor 3 can help golfers to measure overlapping objects with first target priority mode and to measure the distance to the closest object (allows for flagstick detection ignoring background targets). Moreover, it’s IntelliScan can scan many objects randomly, such as barriers, trees, and bunkers, etc. These two wonderfully main features make this innovative rangefinder a good pick for a reasonable price.

However, the Breaking 80, like Bushnell Tour V3, only goes with a V3 battery included. You can also have the 1-year warranty included with the purchase. Small, lightweight device also features 6x magnification and a 24-mm objective. There’s no need for you to searching for a better device than this one.

Here are top 3 best golf laser rangefinders that you can find in the market. If you are still wondering which laser-operated device is the best to purchase, this list will instantly drive you to the most suitable one.

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